Boy Scout Troop 1717 Honored Eagles

The most special ceremony of all for Boy Scouts, an Eagle Court of Honor. Widely regarded as the pinnacle of achievement in Boy Scouting, the Eagle Court of Honor takes on an extra special meaning compared to our other regularly scheduled Court of Honors. The Boy Scouts of America estimates that only 5% of all Boy Scouts ever attain the level of Eagle Scout, with only 1.7 million Eagle 

Scouts cumulatively in our country since Boy Scouting began here in 1912. It is indeed an exclusive club and an achievement that signals to the community and the business world that an individual subscribes to the highest level of integrity and performance. For Eagle Scouts, the attainment of this coveted rank will become increasingly more important to the individual scout over time. An Eagle Scout unquestionably has met a higher level of standard and has clearly set himself apart from his peers as someone being very special!

We Honor the following Boy Scouts

Andrew Champion April 2015
Carson Howgate April 2015
Dean Jackson April 2015
Harrison Holberton January 2015
Andrew Szidon January 2015
Joshua Whitley November 2014
Aumber Sharma November 2014
Anand Srinivasan June 2014
Jameson Howell January 2013
Trevor Dean June 2012
Nick Mize March 2012
Scotty Howell November 2011
Adam Kania October 2011
Michael Farris September 2011

Chaz Gunning September 2011
Robby Jackson June 2011
Douglas Waggoner March 2011
Aaron Bradsher February 2011
Justin Marx August 2010
Parker Williams August 2010
Brendan Starr August 2010
Evan Mangan September 2008
Tommy Dolid May 2008
Matthew Ingraffia October 2007
Chad Hansen September 2007
Jonathan Jew May 2007
Geoffrey Wright December 2006
Andrew Kelly May 2005
Teddy James April 2005

Robert Cubbison March 2005
Jesse Brown December 2003
Mathew Johnson November 2003
Bennett Gaddes September 2003
Patrick Ewing May 2003
Benjamin Still III November 2002
John Tolliver April 2002
Noah Rosenberg April 2002
Robert Temple March 2000
Jared May 1998
Brian Gallagher May 1997
Joseph Cerniglia September 1997
Justin Steele September 1996
Brian Forrester May 1992