Boy Scout Troop 1717 of Roswell, Georgia

Boy Scout Troop 1717 and Crew 1717 of Roswell, Georgia are dedicated to our youth by encouraging young men to become adult leaders in our community. Currently we have approximately 45 scouts registered. Each year, we turn out Eagle Scouts prepared with values and skills that will serve them and our community for a lifetime. We go on many trips – at least one a month – including some very rugged ones, and we also do many non-camping activities.

  • Located in Roswell Georgia,

  • We have been operating since 1992.

  • Anyone from 11-18 can become a Boy Scout.

  • We meet on Tuesdays, from 7-8:30 pm EST.

  • Our troop has lots of fun activities to keep your Scouting Career busy!

  • Guests are always welcome!

We offer many opportunities for rank advancement and to earn merit badges. We also place an emphasis on public service - one of the main pillars of Scouting - taking part in at least six service projects per year, which benefit a lot of different organizations. This does not include Eagle Service Projects, which are in addition to regular troop service projects.

About Boy Scout Troop 1717

Troop 1717 is a Boy Scout Troop chartered to Cross Of Life Lutheran Church located in Roswell, Georgia. Troop 1717 is a very active scout troop that goes on a camp out and learns new skills and tries new things about every month. Troop 1717 is a member of the Boy Scouts of America, Atlanta Area Council, Northern Ridge District. We remain very active in our council and in the communities we serve. Troop 1717 is a not for profit organization and has a Troop Committee made up of Scout parents and interested community members. It helps determine the vision and guide the Troop's future, and also provides behind-the-scenes support for the Troop's activities. Troop 1717 is a boy-led troop. The troop is broken into patrols led by the older scouts. The patrol leaders meet once a month to determine what activities will be covered the following month. In addition during that meeting they decide what patrol has responsibility for what to be duties performed during that months camp out. Our troop typically has one camp out a month. We meet once a week at the Cross f Life Lutheran Church from 7:00pm to 8:30pm. The church address is 1000 Hembree Rd Roswell, GA 30076. All are welcome to visit. You can visit the church website at

Boy Scout Troop 1717 Honored Eagles

The Eagle Court of Honor is a special ceremony held to scouts who have earned the rank of Eagle. Widely regarded as the pinnacle of achievement in Boy Scouting, the Eagle Court of Honor takes on an extra special meaning compared to our other regularly scheduled Courts of Honor. The Boy Scouts of America estimates that only 5% of all Boy Scouts ever attain the level of Eagle Scout, indeed an exclusive club. The rank of Eagle is an achievement that signals to the community and the business world that an individual subscribes to the highest level of integrity and performance. For Eagle Scouts, the attainment of this coveted rank will become increasingly more important to the individual scout over time. An Eagle Scout unquestionably has met a higher level of standard and has clearly set himself apart from his peers as someone being very special!

Boy Scout Troop 1717 History

Troop 1717 started when Paul Ling, Byron Steele and Joe Cerniglia decided to start a Troop with Paul Ling as Scoutmaster. This was done at Cross of Life Lutheran Church in Roswell, GA with Pastor Don Reider as Charter Pastor. Troop 1717 started in the fall of 1992, and the first campout was along the shores of Foe Killer Creek on the Cross of Life property. The first campout dinner was Four-Hoof Armenian Goat Stew and in attendance was Jared , who later went on to become one of our first Eagles and later attended the Naval Academy.Sampling of Troop Awards

  • Camporee Honor Unit – 2007

  • 1st place in Catapult accuracy – Spring Camporee – 2007

  • 2nd place in Catapult distance – Spring Camporee – 2007

  • President’s Award – 2003

  • Mountaineer Troop – 1998

  • Best Overall Troop – Skymont Summer Camp – 2006

  • 43 Eagles

  • CONSISTENTLY an Honor Troop

  •   Centenary of Scouting Unit Award

Current Status

Troop 1717 is a vigorous outdoor program wilderness Troop. But also emphasizing advancement with Eagles. Troop 1717 continues to be a strong Troop with Dan Jackson as Scoutmaster, Alan Marx as Committee Chairman, Paul Ling as Outdoor Chairman, Michelle Apple as Indoor Chairman and Tammy Waggoner as Database Manager. In 2005 a crew unit, Crew 1717 also formed with Jonathan Jew, Dan Temple, Michelle Apple and Steven Wright as leaders. Troop 1717 was formed to build strong Scouting values and provide a fantastic experience for scouts in the great outdoor wilderness environment of Georgia. It has met that challenge. The troop currently alternates summer camps between in-council and out-of-council camps.

Service Record

Doug Waggoner has served as MOALS staff the fall of 2007. Geoffrey Wright, Charlie Winter and Evan Mangan also served as MOALS staff 2005. Troop 1717 is currently very involved with North Fulton Charities and The Drake House. Michelle Apple has taught Wood Badge and Scouter’s Academy. Tammy Waggoner taught at this falls FBLA merit badge clinic. Steve Farris developed Life-to-Eagle preparation class for Troop 1717 and Troop 69. Paul Ling received the Presidential Volunteer Service Award for Lifetime Achievement, which requires 4,000 community service hours.

Memorable Youth

Jared, one of Troop 1717’s first Eagles, has just completed Navy Seal Training. Bobby Temple, also a friend of Jared, who also became an Eagle, has gone on to complete an education at Georgia State and is now a Captain in the United States Army, having served most recently for a year and a half in Iraq. Parker Williams became a Life Scout at age 12 and is now working on his Eagle. Koko and Popo Chit are refugees from Burma that the Church and Troop have adopted and supported in their scouting careers and are advancing quickly.

Recent Activities

Troop 1717 supports Cross of Life Lutheran Church annually by volunteering at the annual church dinner called the “Chili Cook off.” Troop 1717 has recently developed a very close relationship thru Brendan Starr with the Drake House. The Drake House is a place where struggling women and children can go to get back on their feet. We support them by volunteering at the annual “Ice Cream Crank” Fundraiser, which the troop has done for the last 2 years. The Troop also helped with their open house.